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Horsham, West Sussex
RH13 5RG

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Bangers Galore
Traditional Selection

Hand made for quality, this selection represents our most popular varieties, made every week.

Traditional Pork – A champion Sausage – prime quality
lean pork with special seasonings.

Cumberland – A classic combination of prime pork
and black pepper

Pork & apple – A time honoured combination. Pork with
The sweet undertone of apple

Lincolnshire – A traditional quality pork sausage
enhanced with spicy cayenne pepper.

Pork, garlic & herb – Another champion, packed with mouth watering
Continental flavour.

Pork, sage & red onion – A wonderfully flavoured sausage,
the perfect accompaniment to a roast dinner.

Pork & leek – Another award winning traditional
Welsh sausage, with the tantalising taste of leek.

Chorizo Style – All the Spanish flavours wrapped up
in a sausage.