Sausage Maker Of The Year

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“Sausage Maker Of The Year”

David Bell, founder of Bangers Galore, has over 30 years experience in butchery and sausage making. His approach to quality and the continued development of new and exciting varieties of sausage, has been recognised with numerous awards, including the prestigious National Champion “Sausage Maker Of The Year” award. But where did it all start?

1981 : The beginning

Whether it was to get him out the house, or bring back some free meat, David’s mum suggested he got a job at their local butchers in Surrey at the age of 15. Little did David know at the time, that this is where he would spend the next 15 years perfecting the art of making great handmade sausages. He won numerous awards, including the prestigious National Champion Sausage Maker of The Year.

1986 : Taxi Bangers

For a bit of extra cash, David became a part-time taxi driver. He quickly saw this as a great opportunity to deliver samples of his award-winning bangers to many of the local restaurants and pubs while dropping off passengers. These face to face encounters proved to be invaluable! In the years to come, many of the chefs he had met started placing regular orders and still do to this day.

1998 : Full Time

The popularity of David’s sausages was growing rapidly and the hype wasn’t just in his local town, word had spread and many loyal customers began travelling miles just to buy his bangers. Importantly at this time, David made the decision to go full time and moved into bigger premises to help grow the business.

2002 : Brit Awards

One of David’s biggest claims to fame! For two years running he supplied over 9,000 sausages to the Brit Awards. David didn’t miss out on seeing the show either; he hand delivered the sausages direct to Earls Court while “Busted” were on stage rehearsing. It was the year Kylie Minogue won the award for best international female – and probably “Can’t Get Bangers Out Of Her Head”!

2011 : Royal Breakfast

From one huge success to another – in 2011 David got invited to cook up a VIP Breakfast good enough for Royalty. Using his bangers, he cooked breakfast for the likes of Prince Edward at the South Of England Show. The BBC even got in touch to feature Bangers Galore on their South East News programme. Check out the video!